The film crew


How does one produce a film that is so important, that doesn’t follow any rigid structure, that integrates spontaneous moments of encounters and experiences, and that keeps influencing the film script on a continuous basis?

For the producers David Kunac (FINAL FRAME) and Klaus Brecht, it meant not entering into any commissioned production for a specific TV channel but allowing the film team under the direction of Bärbel Jacks to let their creativity flow freely.

Preventing any external commercial pressure on the team was executive producer David Kunac’s (FINAL FRAME) vision right from the start. Thanks to the great support from the producer Klaus Brecht as well as the associate producers Gabriele Quandt and Klaus Graf (GRAF FILM), the film was able to keep growing and finally even evolve into a cinema production.

Director Bärbel Jacks has worked on various other film projects with delicate subject matters of social relevance. This project was of particular interest to her due to the artistic approach to life stories and historical events that still affect us. Together with cinematographer Tobias Corts and film editor Georg M. Fischer, a team was formed that handled the topic with exceptional compassion.

A particular stroke of luck for the film team was the opportunity of being able to work with the Carinthian musician and composer Edgar Unterkirchner, who is a friend of Manfred Bockelmann.

Edgar Unterkirchner managed to put his music in a unique way according to what director Bärbel Jacks had in mind and what the works of art expressed – subtly, emotionally but always without being musically overbearing.


During the course of filming, the atmosphere of trust between the film team and the protagonist Manfred Bockelmann became increasingly stronger and the team was able to witness the artist decidedly identify with his idea and his mission. This made the film what it is: A moving work of palpable authenticity and honesty.

Bärbel Jacks - Director


Editor and Managing Editor, Tele 5, Munich

Editor and Reporter, DFA, Bonn and Washington

Foreign Correspondent and Bureau Manager, Zolcer TV, Moscow

Bayerischer Fernsehpreis (Bavarian TV Award)

Head Reporter Focus TV GmbH

Director Documentary series “Secrets of Power”

Creative Producer, Show Producer, Executive Producer

Executive Producer and Co-Director “Killergrippe 2008”, docu fiction, 94 min.

Director of documentaries, docu films and special projects

since 2012
Managing Director Jacks MovingImages

Director “DRAWING AGAINST OBLIVION”, cinema documentary


David Kunac - Executive Producer


Film Editor and Producer locally and abroad for the RTL media group

Film Editor and Producer in the field of advertising, on-air promotion and documentaries 

Founded FINAL FRAME Produktions GmbH

since 2008
Managing Partner, FINAL FRAME Produktions GmbH  
Producer in the field of broadcasting, advertising, corporate entertainment

Co-production  <Trilogie des Deutschen Films> 
Deutsche Film Akademie, Director: Niko Karo

Nomination for <Die Dämonen>  Best Film Editing VDW AWARD
Deutsche Film Akademie, Director: Niko Karo

Founded FINAL FRAME Content GmbH

since 2009
Managing Partner, FINAL FRAME Content GmbH 

since 2012
Executive Producer and Producer <DRAWING AGAINST OBLIVION>



Tobias Corts - Cinematography


Tobias Corts has been working as a light-setting cinematographer on an international level since 2002, especially in the field of documentaries.

FILMOGRAPHY (selection)

“Der Blinde Fleck” 
Winner of the “Bernhard-Wicki Newcomer Award”
Audience Award of the 2013 Leipzig Art Film Festival
Nominated for the 2014 Feature Film Max-Ophuels-Award

“Drei Leben – Axel Springer”
Winner of the “Deutscher Wirtschaftspreis 2012”
Bayerischer Fernsehpreis 2013 (Bavarian TV Award)

“Lost Mummies of New Guinea” – (2nd Camera)
2011 Emmy for “Outstanding Cinematography – News Coverage/Documentaries” for the National Geographic Explorer documentary “Lost Mummies of New Guinea”


Georg M. Fischer - Montage



1998 – 2001 Training as a qualified professional photographer
2001 – 2002 Bayrische Akademie für Fernsehen und Film
since 2002 Editor in the field of documentaries, feature films & advertising

FILMOGRAPHY (selection)

Unter dem Hammer der Nazis (2014)
Documentary, 54 min. / Director: Oliver Halmburger

La Brass Banda – Der Tourfilm (2014)
Cinema documentary, 60 min. / Director: David Späth

Der Blinde Fleck - 13 Tote, eine Bombe, ein Täter? (2013)
Cinema feature film, 90 min. / Director: Daniel Harrich
Bernhard Wicki Filmpreis (Newcomer) 2013
2013 Audience Award of the 13th Leipzig Film Art Fair

Part Time Kings (2012)
Cinema documentary, 60 min. / Directors: Elke von Linde & Georg M. Fischer
Winner of the 2012 Cosmic Cine Award

Ein Schmaler Grat (2012)
TV film, 85 min. / Director: Daniel Harrich

Der Wettlauf zum Südpol (2011)
Docu drama, 90 min. / Director: Oliver Halmburger
Nomination for the 2012 International Emmy – Documentary


Edgar Unterkirchner - Film musician


Born 1974 in St. Andrä/Lavanttal


Concert degree course Classical Saxophone at the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz with Prof. Peter Straub, and Jazz at the Carinthian State Conservatory

Completed both degree courses with a distinction

Lives and works as a freelance musician and composer in Wolfsberg/Carinthia

Releases as a musician, composer and producer (selection):

- The Voices of God
- Sammler der Augenblicke
- Stille Zeit
- The Making of Americans
- Eierlegen - Hommage an Gert Jonke
- Gentle Mood